External Users

All are welcome to use the collections of the Library within the library’s space. The use of the Library will not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, social, economic, or political status. 

External users include users from other higher education institutions, alumni and members of the public.

The Library staff will inform incoming users and visitors of the Library’s physical space when individual tables and chairs are occupied. When at total capacity, priority must be given to registered users.

The Library staff may prohibit any person using the Library who wilfully or persistently violates any rule or regulation set in this document or whose physical condition is deemed dangerous or offensive to other users or staff. No person shall refuse to leave the Library when ordered by the Librarian or another person in charge of the Library.


  • External users cannot take books on loan or use group study rooms.
  • The only internet connection available at the Library is Eduroam.


In the case of non-compliance users may be accompanied out of the library by a security guard.