Interviews (Chicago style & reference)

Chicago Style & Reference


General rules – Interviews

  • Published interviews generally follow the patterns of the document types they are published within. References to interviews consulted online can include a DOI or a URL.


  • Unpublished interviews and other personal communications (conversations whether face-to-face or by telephone, email, text messages, private messages shared through social media) are usually run into the text or given in a parenthetical citation only. Reference list entries are not needed.

→ Published interviews

In-Text citation

(Interviewee’s Surname Year of publication, pages)


(Bellour 1979, 91)
Reference list

Interviewee’s Last Name, Interviewee’s First Name. Year of Interview. “Title of Interview: Subtitle of Interview.” Interview by Interviewer’s First Name, Interviewer’s Last Name. Title of Publication Volume Number (Issue Number or Season): Page Range of Interview. DOI or  URL.


Bellour, Raymond. 1979. “Alternation, Segmentation, Hypnosis: Interview with Raymond
Bellour.” By Janet Bergstrom. Camera Obscura 3–4 (Summer 1979): 89–94.

→ Unpublished interviews

In-Text citation

(Interviewee’s Surname, description, date of interview)


(Cunha, text message to author, January 11, 2020)